Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday night

Another reason I love my hubby! I've been wanting this wall painted for a few months so that it matches the kitchen (I promise I will post pics soon, Brian and I just need to finish some touch up paint and drill some more hardware). We love the new color - this is originally the color that I wanted the living areas of the home painted when we moved in but when the contractor started painting it looked like peach, so it took a while to finally find a color that was not too peachy or too pink. I never realized how hard picking out Beige could be. Tip: Go with one that has a gray undertone. This color is Grant Beige by Sherwin Williams, color matched in Behr's Premium Paint plus Primer.

Having a hard time picking out paint colors for your home? I love House Beautiful's Color for your Homes: 300 Designer favorites. This is where I found the Grant Beige. It's a book of tried and true favorites over the years of notable designers, and they even have a fantastic reference guide for each color and its undertone shade. You can buy it here on Amazon or you can rent it from the library as well. I rented it first and loved it so much I bought a copy for myself. 10 dollars well spent!

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