Friday, December 24, 2010

Contact Hooks, Ribbon, and Clothespins

In the past we've taped the Christmas cards we have received to the back of the front door with scotch tape. I've seen some great ideas in magazines using fir garland all the way to copper tubing. Nothing that would exactly work though in our home. So I decided to try out contact hooks since I did not want to put nail holes in the wall just for the Christmas season. And of course.... festive ribbon!
I took two spools of WIRED ribbon that I have used previously. Cranberry and gold are my signature colors for decorating for Christmas. I just tucked the ribbon into each side of the contact hook and let the rest of the ribbon drape down.

I took clothespins and pinned each card or photo on the cranberry ribbon, and let the gold ribbon curl around on the sides for accents.

And here it is as of today. Much better than the old scotch-tape-to-the-door! And the contact hooks have done great! (Where were you contact hooks when we were newly married and renting??) I am so glad I don't have to put nail holes in the wall for things I just want to temporarily put up for display!