Thursday, June 9, 2011

How NOT to sell your furniture on craigslist

As an avid craigslist fan, I have come across some pretty interesting photos - some that make me laugh (like the lady that was selling a "One night stand" with a photo of her bed as well as the nightstand she had listed) and some listings that I look and go "Are you serious?!" I had been looking for a futon for the guest room and also for a bookcase.

Blurry pics and bad lighting... Plus, if you're selling a bookcase, we don't want to see YOUR stuff on it, we want to envision OUR stuff on it. (Kinda like selling houses, but I could go off on a whole tangent there being a former realtor)

Blurry, and again too much stuff on it! It looks like its partially tipping over!

Yes, this was one of the futon listings I came across while searching for one. It was titled "Green Futon", but I'm wondering where it is under all that mess.

And finally this photo. They wanted 15 bucks for it. Ummm...what is it?

If you like bad photos, Julia's blog Hooked on Houses has a feature called Bad MLS Photos. Its a hoot.