Friday, December 17, 2010

The Entertainment Unit Evolves

After posting earlier today about my entertainment unit, I got inspired and wanted to show you the before and afters. This is how it looked when we bought the house in 2007. It was faux painted to look like wood and the rattan/whatever you want to call it panels were falling off too. Definitely not my style. And the color of those vertical blinds? Ugh. Even those had a faux color effect to them! I am so over vertical blinds.

Right after we moved in we had the house painted top to bottom, the exterior, the interior walls, ceiling, doors, and trim. Everything. I ripped off those rattan type panels and painted the entertainment unit black, which made a huge difference! Then my husband and I were watching HGTV one night and on one of the shows the designer painted the entertainment unit ALL one color, including the wall to make it look like one large unit. My hubby was all about that idea! So we got out the black paint again and did it!

And here is what it looks like now. I didn't like so much black at first but I really do think it pulled the whole entertainment unit together. And now that I have the lamps there it really adds some color contrast, which I love. Overall, I'd definitely do it again!


  1. What a difference! I love it. It totally camoflages the TV! Now the items that pop are the lamps and bursts of color instead of the white/black of the wall/tv.

    Great job Brian and Mel!