Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An "aha" moment

I just had one of those moments tonight....anyone have a junk drawer like this....anyone??

This is our junk drawer central for our home, one of the drawers in my dining room hutch. I've been wanting to get all of these flashcards and card games organized, but obviously the cardboard holders they all come in have long been destroyed...what to do? I have specifically tried to buy card games that come in a metal (aka unbreakable) tin - luckily I found one for Uno, but what about for Phase 10, regular cards, and others? I love these games but I hate finding random cards strewn around in drawers!

It finally dawned on me. I had an old plastic pencilbox that one of my sons used in his classroom last year, the ones you can get for a buck or less during back to school season. I had it in my sons room thinking about using it for his colored pencils or crayons so that I can get my nice lined wicker basket back that they have taken. But tonight a better idea! I could use it for those card games to keep them sorted!

I love it. Now I think I need to run to the store to buy a bunch more to finish cleaning out the junk drawer of all those flashcards - hopefully they're still under a buck! :)

I'm so happy that now they can go with all the other games!

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