Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cheap One Hour Fix

When we first moved into this home, we had the home painted top to bottom (it needed it). The painter did my son's room in "lego" red on the bottom and swiss coffee on top. I was responsible to put whatever border that I wanted. That was almost 3 years ago. I thought about putting a removable wallpaper border on in the beginning, but I couldn't find anything that I loved. So I decided on a paint border, something classic and easy that he wouldn't outgrow and get tired of.

First off, you can definitely tell that this room was not "staged". This was my son's room as-is. Typical boys room. (The T-shirt? Yeah, that's off the wall now, nice try son). See that bookcase? I got that for 20 bucks at a garage sale. I have big plans for that, paint and new moulding... (OK, I'm getting sidetracked). I decided I could finish the paint border right before picking him up from school. (Deadlines get me motivated)

All I needed? Duck tape (yes its called duck), a measuring tape, pencil, and small paint sample. Those samples are the BEST. Can't beat $2.97! This one is from Lowe's, I chose a dark navy blue to mimic the color of his curtains. (Although Home Depot now has them for the same price but in plastic with a screw on lid too! I know where I'm getting my paint samples from now on!)

Taping off the wall for the border

Voila! Another project off the list.... ((Believe it or not, my son's room is quite clean now; carpets cleaned (white carpet?? yeah, that wasn't our choice, that was what the previous owner put in, who OBVIOUSLY didn't have small kids, especially 3 boys) desk has been de-junked....if you know me well I really dislike clutter, especially paper))

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