Monday, September 27, 2010

From Seriously Outdated to Awesome

I found this "beauty" at a local garage sale a few months back for $3. I think my husband thought I was absolutely crazy when I came home with it. I saw potential. He has since learned to trust my vision :)

First things first - get rid of that awful shade! I wondered if I could repurpose it somehow into something else....but sorry I'm just not THAT creative. I promptly put it where it belonged....the trash. (I did keep the knob at the top of the shade to use for the new shade that I put in its place). So why did I buy this brass beauty? The lamp base! No, I'm not a brass lover, but believe it or not you can actually spray paint it! I've seen it on other blogs, so I decided if other girls could, then I could. I sprayed a light coat of primer on first, followed by 2 coats of Rustoleum's Heirloom White (LOVE!).

Much better, eh? I picked up the lamp shade months ago at another garage sale for $1.50. I knew I could use it one day. I have a rack on my garage shelving just for things like this. So for under 5 bucks (not including the spray paint which I already had) I have a lamp that BOTH my husband and I LOVE. Hubby suggested I put it in my office, which I thought was a great idea!

It's a touch lamp too - my 4 year old loves that part!


  1. Is there anything you can't do? I need you to come over to my house one day and help me out!!! You are amazing Mel!!!!

  2. Don't laugh at me Mel, but I have one of those lamps and I love it :) stained glass and all!!
    I have a nice one with blue flowers on it.

    I love how you refurbished it, it looks great! You're blog has inspired me to try some of my own renovations :)

  3. gorgeous! i can't believe the transformation!

  4. "GASP!" Thats what I did! Amazing transformation!

  5. Great job! I'm not surprised by the transformation though, I love collecting lamps from GW and changing them with spray paint! The difference a little color makes is awesome...