Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finished Bookcase for the Boys Room

I am excited that blogger is accepting my photos again! :) I made this bookcase from scratch with the wonderful help of Ana White and her website. I used one of her nightstand projects and modified the measurements to fit what I needed specifically. Now I know the buckets aren't anything you'd see in a magazine but I just went with what I had for now. I just needed to get all of those books organized pronto! Now I've been able to corral both my sons books and they can each put some legos or other creations. I'll go shopping for baskets later, or I was even thinking of building them to look like crates. But that's a project for later as I'm trying to be good about finishing my projects that I start! :)

I want to build a full bookcase next, I'm so excited to get some plywood ripped for me at Home Depot so that I can start on it! I never thought the lumber section would make me drool like I do since I've been on Ana White's website!

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