Friday, January 21, 2011

Organizing Ribbon Storage

This is my before photo of my ribbon storage. Not really working. I got a great idea from Simple Mom's blog to use a paper towel holder for ribbon storage. I can't find the link so here is one from Real Simple.

I realized that unfortunately that wouldn't work for me personally because most of my ribbon is not on the individual spindles like when they were bought. So I decided that sandwich ziploc bags would work instead to keep all the ribbon separate. This is a plastic case that is meant to hold 12x12 scrapbook paper that has been holding a variety of craft essentials the last few years.

With the lid shut its much better to see each individual ribbon instead of one big tangled mess. Much better indeed.


  1. Such orgnization.... check out this link for more ribbon options... this one works great for me

    then check the rest of the blog fromot he beginning to see more organiztion ways for all your stash.... yours looks great...

  2. oops guess I forgot the link..