Friday, January 21, 2011

Confessions of a Spray-Paint-A-Holic

I love spray paint. That is no secret around here. But I wonder if I crossed the line when the first two words are....Princess House. I received a set of Princess House plates complete with a serving platter and dish, bowls, and a pitcher. A family member was moving across the country and gave them to me as she was radically downsizing her house. Since space is at a premium in my kitchen, I really make sure that I only have things that I use. This large bowl was sitting in the back of the cabinet and if I was going to keep it around I wanted to make some good use of it. It's definitely a pretty pattern, but I knew I would use it a lot more if it was solid white as a decor dish. So I did just that.
I used Kilz spray primer - it took two coats for the pattern to fully disappear. I had a can of almond appliance epoxy spray paint laying around so I decided to use that since it would give it a really hard finish.

And here is the completed bowl! I love the change.

And here it is sitting complete with its current inhabitants - more yarn balls. I've been doing different colors and I've been throwing them in there as I finish them. I am loving that turquoise color, I'll definitely be making more of those! I'm definitely looking forward to spring colors coming soon!


  1. Can you do this to dishes and then eat off them? Or how about the dishwasher. I have tons of bowls I got for my wedding, but now they don't match my kitchen.

  2. That's a great question Amanda, I wish I knew for sure. I have not personally tried putting it in the dishwasher but I wouldn't recommend using it for food because there are toxic chemicals in spray paint.

  3. Wow !!! I am loving your blog girl !!!