Friday, February 26, 2010

My Love Affair with Spray Paint Project 1: End Table

I found this worn end table at our local Salvation Army for 15 bucks. This is a picture after I sanded it, but there was some water damage on the top and lots of scratches and gouges on top, so I did my best to sand those out. I loved that this was a solid piece with the large beadboard panels in it - plus I loved the furniture feet! A well built solid piece.
Of course I love to spray paint furniture, so I chose black for this end table.

And here it sits in its happy new home. Took less than 2 cans of black spray paint. I also spray painted the tin can that is on it as well, it was silver - I thought cream would look much more nicer. I am on a spray paint frenzy right now!!! The dining room table and chairs are next!!


  1. WOW! Love how this turned out? Did you sand it all the way down? It looks so very smooth. How did you do that?

  2. it came out really good, what name brand of spray paint did you use?

  3. Thanks Naisha! It was valspar (Lowe's) in black satin.