Friday, February 26, 2010

Master Bedroom Furniture Painting Completed!

I have finally finished painting all the bedroom furniture, woohoo! All the furniture was a honey oak color, we purchased the headboard at a garage sale for 150 dollars (it was custom made, if you look at it close up the detail is incredible), and the dresser and two end tables I got off craigslist for 225 dollars. All quality solid wood furniture built to last.
The headboard and nightstands have been done for a while now....but I just recently conquered the dreaded dresser...

And after many coats, its finally done! Phew! I love the whole coastal cottage look!


  1. Looks so very lovely. Very comfy, cozy, and CREATIVE!!!

  2. I love your bedroom. It looks like a vacation home. Very relaxing! Hope all is well. I need to catch your designing bug for my home!

  3. You're house is just beautiful...wanna come help me with mine???? I STINK!!!!!!

  4. I love your bedroom. It feels very peaceful and relaxing.