Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pantry 911

 My pantry was ridiculously messy. The shelves are 30 inches deep (as compared to the typical 12-24 inches) so its one big black hole and we were literally just throwing things in there. It was driving me crazy. At first I was thinking about putting slide-out shelves in, but I decided the container option would be best. I don't have a before photo of the pantry but looking at the kitchen counters will give you an idea of all that had been thown in the "black hole"
 I love these containers. They are from Walmart and range from 5 to 7 dollars. And they are airtight!

I am loving the organization. I seriously just open the doors just to look at it sometimes. As well as labeling all of the containers, I also put labels on that showed the water ratio as well so I wouldn't forget on things like rice or instant potatoes. I also put the amount of minutes it would take to cook the various pastas. Even though it took a lot of containers, it was well worth the money in just seeing what I actually have in there! Long term that will save money from cooking from scratch and not buying ingredients that I already had!


  1. Love the blog makeover- great background. I normally read your posts on my blog reader so I haven't seen it yet. But this time I clicked over so I could pin this post because it rocks! I love that you open your cupboards just to look at them :) And great idea to write the water ratio on it- no need for the packages and an endless supply of bag clips.

  2. Wow! Love the organization. It looks so great. And I love that you open the cupboards just to look. Sounds just like me :) Love your blog.

  3. Love this! I just recently did something similar in my fridge and have been wanting to do this in my pantry as well. I wasn't sure where to get airtight, stackable containers. I was literally looking on line last week, but some can be pretty expensive. I am going to Wal-Mart tomorrow and getting some containers!!!!!! I too, continue to go back for just one more look (about 10 times). It's an, "ahhh moment" that can last for days.