Friday, August 26, 2011

The Mystery of CFL Bulbs

I have finally found the right CFL Bulbs for my ceiling fans after 4 years of looking. They now have them in dimmable - perfect for the ceiling fans! (regular CFL's dont work in ceiling fans) 4 years ago when we first moved into this house I knew we would have a lot of lights, and I knew it would be most sensible to change a lot of the bulbs to CFL.

But I hate the cold light that they emanate! I've been a big fan of the reveal bulbs until now. I actually took Every.Different.Kind of CFL lightbulb and tried them in the house when we moved in - Daylight, cool white, etc. And they were all too cold looking. But I have finally found one with "warm" light - its SOFT WHITE. I put them in my lamps and they actually emanate a warm light! I'm sure I tried soft white 4 yrs ago, but its so much better now!

So save yourself all the hassle that I went through - SOFT WHITE. You can find the dimmable bulbs at your local Lowe's for 5.98 (although they do sell a name brand one for 14 dollars each - ouch). The other nice thing is that in the living spaces we were able to put two 100watt CFL bulbs in, the limit for ceiling fans is 60watt, so it definitely brightened up the space in our living areas as well as the bedrooms.

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  1. The Mystery of CFL Bulbs is a nice story. thanks for posting here.