Sunday, March 21, 2010

Testing Industrial Spray Paint for the Kitchen Cabinets

As I prepare to take on one of my biggest challenges - the kitchen - I found out about some high pigmentation industrial spray paint that would stand up to the rigors that kitchen cabinets go through. I ordered a gray primer and a can of power white to try a test board on as well as to do my own "quality control check".
I picked up an unfinished door at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore for 2 dollars - can't beat that! Put on a coat of primer and 2 coats of white. Let it dry completely between each coat. Then a few days later decided I'd try out a few potential "threats" these cabinet doors would receive due to wear and tear. I raided my cleaning closet and fridge - I didn't go out to the store to buy anything special. On the left you have Shaklee's Basic H, virtually harmless, you could brush your teeth with it. Second from left, Tile and Grout Magic. I would NEVER put this on my cabinet doors, but since it removes grime, soap scum, and more I figured it would be a good harsher chemical to test the paint's chemical resistance. Third one is Minwax's Wood Cleaner which cleans cabinets, furniture, and doors. The final one - good ol' spaghetti sauce. I put each of these on the door and left them on for 3 days. Below is the result.

Basic H? Untouched. Tile and Grout Magic left a stain- but didn't go through the paint at all. Miniwax's Wood Cleaner left nothing, and the spaghetti sauce surprisingly came up extremely easy! I took my scrubber brush with a little water, took a few scrubs, used the scraper edge, and it just slid right off! Now this is my kind of paint!! (Too bad I can't coat my dishes and pans with this) It left a very slight discoloration, but you really have to look to see it. I'm SOLD!

AFTER: Dining Room Set

Here's a BEFORE photo again of the dining set.....

And its finally done! Here is the AFTER shot.
It took about 7 cans of primer and 7 cans of black satin spray paint ( both Valspar) from Lowe's.
I'm debating putting on a wipe on polyurethane finish, I have the bottle, just haven't tested a spot yet. It's amazing what a change of COLOR can do!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cabinet Door Makeover

I absolutely love this cabinet door makeover! Jen, over at Noting Grace gives step by step instructions on how to make this great piece of decor! You can also use vinyl lettering for this as well. I've gone to the Habitat for Humanity Restores and they sell different shapes and sizes of cabinet doors for around 3 dollars a piece which is a huge bargain! You should have a store in your area. This is definitely on my upcoming project list!